During a summer residency at the Bernheim Arboretum in Louisville, KY I made soft sculptures, five black silhouettes of goose heads that rose thirteen feet out of the ground and blew and bobbed in the wind. They stood like scarecrows, like black monoliths, a goose-head Stonehenge on the bank of Lake Nevin where the real Canada geese loved to graze. I also made a costume, "The Goose Goddess," from found materials from the Bernheim supply barn, shade cloth and feathers I gathered from long walks around the lake when the geese were molting. The costume is reminiscent of "Where the Wild Things Are" and a blown-up representation of the mother goose- a homage to her ferocity and also an assemblage to summon creative power.

Styrofoam and acrylic. 4 x 6 inches Metal, silicon, rubber. 24"x24"x40" Metal, silicon, rubber. 24"x24"x40" Steel plate & ponytail. 9"x9"x9" Steel plate & ponytail. 9"x9"x9"